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Children ages 8 and up should be screened for anxiety, experts say. Here's what parents need to know.

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8 billion people: Is population growth cause for hope or concern?

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Do your vitamin and mineral supplements actually do anything? Here's what experts say.

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DeSantis blasted for 'Orwellian' vaccine investigation

Europe in 'collective denial' over the state of the COVID pandemic, former WHO official says

Gas stoves have given 650,000 U.S. children asthma, study finds

Are new weight loss drugs really an obesity ‘game changer’?

Is Dry January a sign of a healthier approach to alcohol?

Mistrust in U.S. medical system leads to lack of diversity in clinical trials

COVID emergency ending: Too soon or long overdue?

Hearing aids linked to lower instances of dementia in older adults, study finds

'Extremely disconcerting': NIH didn't track U.S. funds going to Chinese virus research, watchdog finds

Is it fair to blame social media for teenagers’ mental health?

WHO denies it 'abandoned' COVID origins investigation because of Chinese stonewalling

These healthy lifestyle habits may cut risk of long COVID in half, Harvard study finds

The COVID public health emergency is ending — but what does that mean, and who will be impacted?

Jimmy Carter has opted for home hospice care. Here's what that means.

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Racism charges fly at House hearing on coronavirus

Where did COVID-19 come from? Pressure mounts to find the answer

Mystery of COVID-19's origins deepens with new report: What we know

This Stunning Tennis Bracelet Is Only $15 on Amazon

More symptoms than you think may be tied to your migraines

Migraines can be a lot more debilitating than "just a headache," experts say. Here's how to identify a migraine, what might cause it, what triggers an attack and what you can do to stop it.

A new procedure offers hope to 'no option' patients facing amputation because of severe circulation problems

Cynthia Elford loves to travel and hike, but a few years ago, her Type 1 diabetes made getting around nearly impossible. By 2018, the Pennsylvania grandmother faced the possibility of losing her right leg because of a diabetes-related circulation problem, and she developed sores on her toes that kept getting worse.

FDA approves first over-the-counter version of opioid overdose antidote Narcan

With drug overdose deaths continuing to hover near record levels, the US Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved for the first time an over-the-counter version of the opioid overdose antidote Narcan.

Sleep apnea and snoring: 8 warning signs to look for

Everyone snores at one time or another, but do you know the warning signs of more serious, potentially life-threatening sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea? Sleep experts explain here.

Johnson & Johnson halts development of RSV vaccine in midst of late-stage clinical trials

Janssen, the pharmaceutical division of the Johnson & Johnson companies, announced Wednesday that it will scrap development of a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, in adults.

Mysterious hepatitis outbreak in kids in 2022 linked to common childhood respiratory virus, studies suggest

An outbreak of acute severe, unexplained hepatitis in previously healthy children in 2022 may be linked to adeno-associated virus 2, or AAV2, according to three independent studies published Thursday in the journal Nature.

Prescriptions for ADHD treatments surged during the Covid-19 pandemic, CDC report shows

Prescriptions for stimulants often used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder surged during the pandemic, especially among adults, a new study found.

This life-saving medical device isn't required at all schools. Damar Hamlin wants to help change that

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin said on Wednesday that growing up as a child who played football, he never thought about CPR or where an automated external defibrillator (AED) was at his school or on the field.

CDC investigates salmonella outbreak linked to flour

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating a salmonella outbreak that has been linked to flour, and it's urging people not to eat or play with uncooked dough or batter.

Emergency room visits from firearms dropped in 2022, but remained higher than pre-pandemic rate

Emergency department visits for firearm injuries in the United States dropped slightly since 2020, but the rate in 2022 was still above pre-pandemic levels.

First on CNN: CDC team studying health impacts of Ohio train derailment fell ill during investigation

Seven US government investigators briefly fell ill in early March while studying the possible health impacts of a toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed to CNN on Thursday.

WHO advisers to consider whether obesity medication should be added to Essential Medicines List

Advisers to the World Health Organization will consider next month whether to add liraglutide, the active ingredient in certain diabetes and obesity medications, to its list of essential medicines.

CDC to warn some travelers to watch for Marburg virus symptoms as it investigates outbreaks in Africa

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending personnel to Africa to help stop outbreaks of Marburg virus disease and is urging travelers to certain countries to take precautions. The CDC is also taking steps to keep infections from spreading to the United States.

Congress moves to make xylazine a controlled substance

US lawmakers are moving to classify xylazine, the animal tranquilizer that's increasingly infiltrating illicit drugs, as a controlled substance.

The best coupons at CVS Pharmacy

Chronic stress can affect your health. One activity can help

Experts share techniques for stress reduction, including how you can ease into a regular fitness routine.

One iguana's taste for cake leaves a young girl with a mysterious malady

The bump on a young California girl's hand was mysterious -- and growing. It wasn't until she had seen two doctors and undergone a biopsy that her family realized the cause: The child had gotten in the way of a hungry iguana with a sweet tooth, resulting in what may be the first documented infection of a rare bacterial infection in a human from an iguana bite.

What you need to know about the Marburg virus

The West African country of Equatorial Guinea declared an outbreak of the Marburg virus disease in mid-February. There have been at least nine laboratory-confirmed cases, seven of which resulted in death, and 20 probable cases of dead individuals in this outbreak, according to the World Health Organization.

Hubble captures images of Jupiter looking different

The weather is slowly changing on Jupiter and Uranus, according to our galaxy's own interplanetary meteorologist.

Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you

8 activewear brands you should add to your workout wardrobe

The increasing popularity of stylish, trendy athletic wear has made über-comfortable clothing something that's not just for the gym. It's infiltrated all corners of culture, from high fashion runways to the offices of Silicon Valley executives — and really, it's appropriate for any occasion when you just want to be comfortable.

Richard Branson's rocket company will lay off 85% of staff

Virgin Orbit — the rocket company founded by British billionaire Richard Branson — is laying off the vast majority of its workforce as company leadership struggles to secure additional funding.

Plants make clicking sounds, study reveals

Plants make popping sounds that are undetectable to the human ear, according to recordings made in a new study — and they make more sounds when thirsty or under other kinds of stress.

Desperate for heart surgery for their baby, a family feels the effects of pediatric hospital shortages

Even before their daughter was born in June, Aaron and Helen Chavez knew she would need heart surgery. Doctors expected her to have an operation around 6 months of age.

Bill Nye explains light-years and the vastness of the universe

No matter what the James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope or our other tools of space exploration discover next, it's likely to be located many light-years away.

Covid-19 boosters could keep thousands of kids out of hospitals, but uptake remains low

Higher Covid-19 vaccination rates among US children could prevent thousands of pediatric hospitalizations and millions of missed school days, according to an analysis published Tuesday by the Commonwealth Fund and the Yale School of Public Health.

Experimental therapy gantenerumab fails to slow or improve Alzheimer's memory loss in clinical trials

An experimental treatment, gantenerumab, failed to help people at high risk of memory loss from Alzheimer's or those who were in the early phases of the disease, the manufacturer said Monday.

US gets D+ grade for rising preterm birth rates, new report finds

The rate of premature birth in the United States is climbing, according to the infant and maternal health nonprofit March of Dimes.

RSV hospitalization rate for seniors is 10 times higher than usual for this point in the season

The respiratory virus season has started early in kids this year and flooded children's hospitals in many parts of the country -- especially with respiratory syncytial virus, known as RSV.

Boy recreates his gran's 1955 photos to help her with Alzheimer's

Philip Loveday follows in his grandmother's footsteps to snap London's famous landmarks 70 years on.

Tory v Tory: Badenoch and Nokes in menopause debate

Two Conservative MPs clash in a committee debate on whether the menopause is a disability.

First toddler receives life-saving gene therapy on NHS

Teddi from Northumberland has a rare genetic condition and will be treated by the NHS with a new gene therapy.

Turkey earthquake: Nurses rush to protect baby incubators as quake strikes

CCTV from inside a hospital in Gaziantep, Turkey shows the neonatal unit in the minutes after the deadly earthquake.

What is monkeypox and how do you catch it?

Cases of monkeypox are being investigated in several countries, including the UK.

Rob Burrow receives ‘Points of Light’ award from Rishi Sunak

The ex-Leeds Rhinos star was the 2,000th recipient of the award for outstanding individual volunteers.

What is known about new Covid variant XBB.1.5?

The latest Omicron variant is making scientists take notice in the US - so what do you need to know?

Cold weather: What does an unheated room do to your body?

The BBC's health and science correspondent undergoes an experiment to find out how a cold home affects him.

Indonesia syrup deaths: Parents demand accountability as toll rises

Distraught parents demand answers after at least 157 children died from acute kidney injury.

Cocaine production reaches record levels as new trafficking hubs emerge

After Covid lockdowns hit both demand and supply, production is at record levels, the UN says.

Weight-loss: Are injections the answer to tackling obesity?

The appeal is clear - but should we be turning to appetite-suppressing injections?

Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is so disputed

The claim Covid-19 leaked from a Chinese laboratory dates from early in the pandemic. Here's what we know.

The hidden cost of soothing my throat after cancer

Jim Melvin spends £52 a week on tissues and ice lollies to cope with the effects of a tracheotomy.

Immigration fuels Canada's largest population growth of over 1 million

The unprecedented surge in numbers is largely due to immigration, the government says.

Ukraine war: The shrimp shell fabric saving lives

The bandages are made by Nonwovenn in Somerset and then incorporated into first-aid kits.

Nigerian street trader trafficked to UK in kidney donor plot

The young man was brought to the UK to provide a kidney for the sick daughter of a Nigerian senator.

Bruce Willis's wife speaks of her grief at his dementia on his 68th birthday

Emma Heming Willis discusses the impact her husband's dementia is having on the family.

Tourette's device tested by Lewis Capaldi reduces tics in trial

A trial of 121 people finds they experienced, on average, a reduction in tic frequency of 25%.

What is the Marburg virus and how dangerous is it?

Tanzania is the latest African country to have an outbreak of the highly-infectious Marburg virus.

Candida auris: What is the deadly fungus sweeping through US hospitals?

A drug-resistant yeast fungus has been detected in more than 30 countries. What do we know about it?

Australia has a 'pokies' gambling problem, but is change coming?

The country is controversially home to a fifth of the world's slot machines, known locally as "pokies".

Abortion may be legal in Argentina but women still face major obstacles

Abortion may finally be legal in Argentina, but social attitudes in some areas are making it hard for women to exercise their rights.

Marion Biotech: India cancels licence of drug maker linked to child deaths in Uzbekistan

Marion Biotech's cough syrups have been linked to 18 child deaths in Uzbekistan.

Candida auris fungal infections spreading in US at 'alarming' rate, says CDC

Candida auris causes severe illness in those with weakened immune systems, the CDC says.

What are abortion pills and could they be banned?

They have become the new frontier in the US battle over abortion access but their future is at risk.

UK cosmetic procedure numbers recover after Covid

Breast augmentation remains the most popular procedure, figures from a national audit show.

Sniffing body odour is tested as an anxiety therapy

Researchers say it may help trigger calming brain pathways and are putting their theory to the test.

Trio sets world record as most premature triplets to survive

Rubi-Rose, Payton Jane and Porscha-Mae are record holders born at just 22 weeks and five days.

Laughing gas: Experts warn nitrous oxide ban will not stop use

The government defends new plans to tackle anti-social behaviour by clamping down on nitrous oxide.

Alexa Bliss: WWE star urges sunbed safety after skin cancer scare

The WWE star, who recently had skin cancer treatment, says she should have avoided tanning beds.

Blood tests may spare cancer patients chemo

A blood test which can detect cancer cells could spare patients unnecessary chemotherapy.

Utah is first US state to limit teen social media access

One of the bills will give parents full access to their children's online private messages.

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