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DeSantis demands COVID treatments deemed ineffective by FDA

How Los Angeles became the national leader for keeping schools open

Fauci challenges Fox News vaccine falsehoods: 'The facts are stunningly obvious'

Pandemic tensions deepen in Florida as DeSantis digs in

Misinformation or potent symbol? An out-of-date yearbook photo of masked 2nd graders raises questions

Health Sec. Xavier Becerra facing harsh criticism over his handling of COVID-19 pandemic

Governors look to move beyond COVID restrictions and return to 'a great state of normality'

Doctors say ‘health is about more than the absence of COVID-19’ for children

Poll: Most Americans aren't 'done with COVID.' But new numbers hint they may be soon.

CDC: 'We know people are anxious' to return to pre-pandemic life

COVID boosters are the secret to getting back to normal. Why are Americans so resistant to them?

Teachers' union leader signals willingness for masks to come off: 'No one wants masks in schools'

The school culture wars turn to mask mandates

CDC pleads for caution, but governors may be done listening

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Is Colorado getting COVID right?

Is L.A. making a mistake by refusing to lift its mask mandate with the rest of California?

Are we really done with masking?

The end of mask mandates? CDC eases guidelines for schools and public spaces, signaling larger shift.

10 Things You Need to Know About Bed Bugs, Including How to Find Them

'Please take them off': DeSantis scolds students for wearing face masks

Biden unveils plan to prevent future COVID variants from disrupting 'new normal'

Florida contradicts CDC, says healthy children should not get COVID vaccine

Biden urges return to office

Why L.A. could be the last school district in America to lift its mask mandate

Here's Why You Get Those Little Floaty Things in Your Vision

White House pleads for new coronavirus funds: 'We need this money'

Poll: Americans sour on government — and each other — 2 years into pandemic

How China's soaring COVID numbers put the rest of the world at risk

Is Europe's new COVID surge coming to America next?

Biden administration admits COVID is 'not gone' as virus returns to White House

Harassment of public health workers widespread during pandemic, study finds

50 Father's Day Quotes That Show Dad How Much You Love Him

Three new signs BA.2 might not hit America as hard as Europe

Biden pleads for funds to fight next COVID surge before it's 'too late'

Make It Mom's Best Mother's Day Ever by Baking Her One of These Yummy Cakes

COVID-19 'long-haulers' don't want to be forgotten as the U.S. goes 'back to normal'

White House upset by media focus on administration's COVID-19 cases, rather than on relief bill

Experts say BA.2 could be more of a 'bump' than a surge. Is this the future of COVID?

U.S. mask mandates are making a comeback. But should they?

What to consider before taking off your mask on public transit or planes

Report: Vaccinations could have prevented quarter-million COVID deaths in U.S.

Fauci drops out of D.C. gala amid America's strange pandemic moment

A new COVID wave — or nothing to worry about? The best- and worst-case scenarios for what comes next

We Found Dozens of Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts for $25 or Less

Fauci says 'herd immunity' is out of reach, pandemic 'by no means' over

35 Vegetarian BBQ Recipes Perfect for Summer

As COVID cases rise, White House urges boosters and new congressional funding

Future COVID variants will likely reinfect us multiple times a year, experts say — unless we invest in new vaccines

CDC urges people to mask where COVID is spiking

More than 1 million people have died of Covid-19 in the US

More than one million people have now died of Covid-19 in the US since the pandemic's start, according to Tuesday data from Johns Hopkins University -- a reminder the pandemic is not over even as much of the country pushes to move away from Covid-19 measures.

Judge signs off on steps troubled baby formula manufacturer must take to restart closed plant

A federal judge has signed off on a legally binding agreement between the United States Food and Drug Administration and the baby formula manufacturer Abbott Nutrition, the company at the heart of a nationwide formula recall.

What you should know to master portion control, according to an expert

Ultraprocessed foods and beverages are being sold in sizes up to five times larger than when they were first introduced, according to a recent study. Here are expert tips to help you downsize your portions and improve your health.

What to do if you test positive for Covid-19 now

Covid-19 infections are on the rise, with most US states reporting an increase in cases. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the highly contagious BA.2.1.21 subvariant of Omicron is now the dominant strain of coronavirus nationwide.

Covid-19 wastewater surveillance is promising tool, but critical challenges remain

Covid-19 surveillance is at a crossroads in the United States. With at-home tests now outnumbering those done in laboratories, official case counts are more incomplete than ever as the nation -- and world -- faces down increasingly transmissible coronavirus variants.

Long Covid symptoms in older Americans are often difficult to recognize, experts say

Nearly 18 months after getting covid-19 and spending weeks in the hospital, Terry Bell struggles with hanging up his shirts and pants after doing the laundry.

2 children hospitalized in Memphis because their specialty formula is out of stock

A doctor at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, says he admitted two young patients -- a toddler and a preschooler -- because the specialty formula they need is out of stock and they haven't been able to tolerate any replacements.

A third of people in US should consider masking based on their Covid-19 risk, CDC director says

The head of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges counties with high Covid-19 community levels to encourage people to mask up in public indoor settings.

Prostate cancer screening is better than originally thought, especially for Black men, study says

A blood test to screen for prostate cancer may be better at doing so than experts originally thought, particularly among Black men, according to a new study.

How to become more grateful, and why that will make you happier, healthier and more resilient

There are easy ways to increase our levels of daily gratitude, and good mental and physical health reasons to do so.

CDC and Massachusetts health officials investigating monkeypox case

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is collaborating with Massachusetts health officials on an investigation into a case of monkeypox, the agency said Wednesday in a statement.

Desperate families turn to hospitals when their hunt for formula comes up dry

Three-year-old Alexis Tyler survives on Gerber Lil Crunchies cheese puffs and the chocolate flavor of a specialty nutritional formula called Neocate. Her mother hasn't been able to buy that formula for her since March.

Ukrainians seeking shelter in US must have TB screenings and certain vaccinations

The United States is preparing to welcome more displaced Ukrainians now that the Biden administration has approved the first group to enter through the new Uniting for Ukraine program. Ukrainians began arriving through the program this month.

CDC's independent vaccine advisers will meet to discuss Covid-19 boosters for kids

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's independent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will meet Thursday to discuss updates on Covid-19 vaccine safety and effectiveness for children ages 5-11 years, CDC guidance on boosters for that age group and the framework for that booster dose.

8 activewear brands you should add to your workout wardrobe

The increasing popularity of stylish, trendy athletic wear has made über-comfortable clothing something that's not just for the gym. It's infiltrated all corners of culture, from high fashion runways to the offices of Silicon Valley executives — and really, it's appropriate for any occasion when you just want to be comfortable.

The best coupons at CVS Pharmacy

Tiny Amazon fish spotted in a single stream could go extinct just after being found

Two new colorful species of fish have been found in Brazil's Amazon Basin -- and they are already at risk of disappearing due to extinction.

Your guide to finding the right Theragun massage gun for you

To bathe or not to bathe (often). That is the question

My first memories of bathing were of my mom dragging me into the bathtub kicking and screaming. Those days are long gone, and I'm now a once-a-day-shower kind of guy.

Knowing the signs of a stroke can make all the difference

When it comes to a stroke, acting fast is key.

What you should know to master portion control

Portion sizes of some of your favorite foods have been getting bigger and bigger.

Study identifies potential biomarker for SIDS, but a test for it is a long way off

Australian researchers say they've identified one potential biomarker for sudden infant death syndrome, known as SIDS, but experts caution that it's just one piece of the puzzle.

What you can and can't do to get through the infant formula shortage, according to experts

Misinformation about how families can get through the infant formula shortage is fueling concern among pediatricians like Dr. Tanya Altmann.

Overwhelmed health departments are hard-pressed to spend Covid cash for underserved

The Biden administration in March 2021 announced it was investing $2.25 billion to address covid health disparities, the largest federal funding initiative designed specifically to help underserved communities hardest hit by the virus.

States prepare for summer launch of new 988 suicide prevention number

This summer, every state will be rolling out 988 as the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number to call for mental health crises -- similar to how people can call 911 for medical emergencies.

'The Down Syndrome Act means so much to me'

Families have been working together to bring about change for people with Down's syndrome.

Ambulance wait times: Injured nine-year-old told ambulance would take hours to reach her

Willow's parents drove her to hospital and were told she should not have been moved due to her injuries.

Deborah James: Big C presenter 'can't do anything more' to fight cancer

The You, Me and the Big C presenter is receiving end-of-life care at home for bowel cancer.

Chronic pain: 'A life with pain is still a life'

At the age of 13 Luke woke up in horrific pain and a decade on his condition is still undiagnosed.

In Mariupol, children bear the brunt of Vladimir Putin's war

At a children's hospital near the besieged city, the true impact of Russia's tactics are on display.

Bristol mum writes heart surgery book to help son

Aimee says the book will help her son understand why he "should be proud" of his heart surgery scar.

Beatings and forced abortions: Life in a North Korea prison

A new investigation sheds more light on human rights violations in North Korean prisons.

Omicron vs Zero-Covid: How long can China hold on?

China's worst outbreak in two years has got some questioning how long it can hang on to its strategy.

The Palestinian cancer centre that can't take patients

Palestinians with the disease are being turned away from hospital lacking the funds to treat them.

Cost of living: Are value food brands healthy?

MP George Eustice has urged shoppers to choose supermarket own brands to help cut living costs.

Sri Lanka healthcare on verge of collapse in economic crisis

Doctors warn of catastrophe in Sri Lanka where medical supplies are running out in the financial crisis.

Anger outside Mississippi's last abortion clinic

Activists from both sides of the debate say they will fight on whatever the US Supreme Court rules.

Barkha Dutt: 'My father did not have to die'

A year after losing her father to Covid, Indian journalist Barkha Dutt writes on coping with loss and regret.

Why Koreans could soon become a year younger

The new government has proposed getting rid of the country's age systems, but experts are divided.

How long will Shanghai's lockdown last?

Shanghai announced that it would "open up" soon, but many worry that a de facto lockdown will continue.

Covid: What will the pandemic look like in North Korea?

North Korea is uniquely vulnerable to the virus, and the options to control its spread are limited.

Does US really have world's highest Covid death toll?

A new report suggests other countries had more excess deaths than US during the pandemic.

India’s construction workers bear the brunt of heatwave

A brutal heatwave is wreaking havoc on the health and livelihoods of India's working poor.

Chronic pain: The ‘unbearable’ condition affecting one in four

Specialists warn the NHS is not set up to deal with such complex conditions.

US faces baby formula 'crisis' as shortage worsens

Pressure is building on the White House to address the worsening shortage of formula milk.

Spain plans menstrual leave in new law for those with severe pain

Spain could become the first European country with menstrual pain leave under a proposed law.

Kenyan fighting FGM crowned 'world's best nurse'

Anna Qabale Duba says the $250,000 prize money will help expand her school for children and adults.

North Korea: 'First' Covid cases prompt strict national lockdown

North Korea has rejected any kind of vaccine, with Kim Jong-un now ordering "maximum emergency" controls.

Delhi suffers at 49C as heatwave sweeps India

Experts say India is now recording more intense, frequent heatwaves which are also longer in duration.

United States passes one million Covid deaths

It's the highest total in the world - but the WHO thinks the true death toll may be higher elsewhere.

Covid mask rule partially eased for EU air travel

Masks are no longer required on many EU flights, but countries including Germany, Italy and Spain keep the rule.

North Korea: More than a million Covid cases feared

The military has been ordered to intervene as a wave of Covid cases sweeps the unvaccinated country.

Anti-abortion groups target women with misleading ads

Abortion providers describe a battle to put out accurate information.

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