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Eye exercise, essential? Exactly. In order to maintain your eyesight, or even improve it, exercising the eye muscles is key. See the excellent eye exercise tip below. --Don Rose




We all understand how essential it is to keep ourselves fit by doing activities such as going to the gymnasium, running, and swimming. But did you realize that you can work out your eyes too? While vision exercise won't improve your sight 100%, it will ensure your eyes stay strong and reduce strain on the eyes.

It doesn't have to be really complicated. Try this relatively simple exercise:

Hold up a pen before your eyes and focus on the tip of it. While still focusing, draw it towards yourself until just before you lose focus. Then immediately see out your door or house and focus as far as you can, like the clouds or the buildings.

This is good for strengthening your eye muscles.

Such a workout if done regularly can help maintain healthy eyes – and with a proper eye exercise training program, you can even improve your vision naturally.


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